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The "Heart of Synergy" is unlocking the hidden power of self, by integrating & cultivating your natural physical and energetic abilities. 

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Create happiness in your life, fill it with connection and love and allow yourself to be in the state of flow and tap into universal wisdom.

Building a spiritual practice is not the same as having a spiritual life.

You know that even if you meditate, go to yoga, and do what “spirituality is supposed to look like”, real spirituality is in how connected you are to source and to yourself.

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syn·er·gy: the interaction of 2 or more organizations to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


I am here to help you tap into wellness and health in a way that’s simple and easy to understand and apply.

If you’re: 

  • Feeling that spiritual life is overwhelming and unattainable

  • Needing to have more meaning and fulfillment in your life

  • Wanting someone to help bring clarity and make it accessible to where you’re at


You’re in the right place.

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Transform your scattered holistic activities into a lifestyle and practices, where you synthesize and unite for true lasting effect. 


Design your fulfilled, purpose driven, spiritual life that feels authentic and helps your create wellness and health.


I believe when we can be happier and more whole people, our lives are filled with connection, love and we lose the self-centered ego and we lose the bickering that happens in day to day life.


That’s connected to what true spirituality feels like, that’s aligned to your beliefs and is ready to see you grow and thrive.

Awareness of Yourself


Understand your spiritual blueprint, your beliefs, your core, your daily practices. 

Build Your New Paradigms


Here’s where we release faulty patterns and perceptions and create new ways of thinking, relating and being. It’s about finding into your innate spiritual guides.

Expand + Synergize


Finally, we maximize what you’ve learned and instilled to have a lasting impact and legacy of your well being.
Through my signature process you’ll transform and upgrade your operating system.


Heart - relationship to yourself


Art - creation & expression


Energy - graceful and inner light


Synergy - connection and expansion

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Hello! I’m JaySun

I’m a spirituality and wellness teacher and trainer. I’m not your typical spiritual teacher, because I bring so many modalities to the table to give you exactly what you need, but I’m also a coach and a believe in the potential of your happiness.

I believe that the answers are all within you, the answers are already there, and all you really need is the key to let it blossom. My mission is to clear the gunk out of your life, out of your energetic field so you can expand to your true potential.

I believe that you need a specific approach to spirituality, to energy, to awareness of how to live a peaceful and joyful life. Creating your unique practice around your life, vs trying to piecemeal it when it fits. Your happiness goals depend on having the inner guidance and being able to tap into it at all times.

Let’s put your spiritual power into your hands so that you stop spending time trying a bunch of things and not being sure if they’re working properly.

I’ll help you cultivate a peaceful, content and aligned with your synergy!!!

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