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ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA workshop:  the next step after ThetaHealing Basic DNA.  Take your medicine to a higher level by learning to dig deeper, work with your Higher Self, talk with plants, learn deep soul and heart healing, receive hundreds of downloads to help clear your energy to be the highest version of yourself, and much more!  Goddess I AM March 5-7th $444

ThetaHealing Basic DNA certification workshop:  Become a certified ThetaHealer!  Learn the power of working with the Creator energy to radically shift and improve your and others lives!  Learn how to release and replace old beliefs and programs that are keeping you stuck, heal and activate DNA, work with Guardian Angels, do future readings, improve your intuition and psychic powers and much more! 

Goddess I AM April 2-4th $444

Coming soon:  Qi Gong at Calusa Nature Center

Qi Gong on the Beach! 

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