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Energy Healing

"Energy" is the underlying movement of matter.  All things are in a state of movement and fluctuation at all times.  Just as the blood flows in the veins, our cells too are in a state of movement.  When this movement is stagnated by any exterior or interior force, breakdown of health begins.  That is when we experience pain be it emotional, physical, or mental.  Our holistic health is maintained by the free flow of this vital energy.  As the Chinese say, when there is no blockage of Qi, there is health.  Luckily, there are many ways to both maintain our flow of energy and many ways to restore it when it becomes out of balance.  



Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a gentle hands-on energy balancing and healing system that restores the healthy flow of energy in the body.  Reiki is works on all levels of the holistic being, and is especially great for stress, anxiety, as well as physical pain. 

Colorful Crystal

Chakra Balancing

The Chakras constitute a holistic system of energy centers, with the seven major points located along the spine.  Each Chakra represents a major aspect of your being, from your most basic feelings of safety and connection, to your highest connection to the divine.  When these are balanced and open,  you will have a sense of euphoria, connection and general well-being.

Opening and balancing the chakras will also lead to psycho-spiritual personal development, encouraging the way to a happier and more internally satisfied life!

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The ThetaHealing® Technique is a powerful gift to humanity to realize and embrace your innate gifts as unique and powerful being!  By understanding how you've limited and restricted your own potential, the door to releasing these old programs opens! Through this powerful spiritual psychology and meditation, you become empowered to reshape and re-envision your life in a way that creates abundance and the life that you want to live! 

Meditating in Nature

Kundalini Awakening 

Kundalini is an ancient concept from Hinduism, that talks of an energy potential of growth and expansion by "awakening the sleeping snake" of feminine and masculine balanced energy that lies at the base of the spine.  When this energy is activated, the potential for spiritual growth and change increases exponentially!  Contact me for a free consult to determine if you are ready for this activation.  


Heart De-amoring

Our Heart is the most sensitive part of our beings.  Equally vulnerable to all the pain as well and pleasure of life, our hearts often end up feeling hurt and closed from all of the pain and challenges of life.  This Taoist technique is a gentle way to help to open and heal the Heart, so that you can fully open yourself to the fullest life possible.  


Energy Revitalization 

Is your energy where you would like it to be?  Do you feel like you are lagging all the time?  Energy Revitationizaion sessions will not only get you back on your feet, they will give you the tools for better energy and vitality in the future!  Using techniques from Taoist, Tantra, QI Gong, breathing, massage, acupressure, reiki and more, each session is unique designed to give you exactly what you need to live a happier, more vibrant life!

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