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Everything we need is already within us to become and transcend into enlightened masters.  There was this deep realization of this within me, but the practical steps alluded me.  I knew there was a way, but I had to go and live to really know it.  


 I had been following my passion for music, but that particular path was leading only to disillusion and frustration.  I felt uninspired and stuck.  My passion was gone and I felt empty.  I knew that I needed to be serving people on a higher level, but I just didn't know how.  Then, one day during a chance encounter with a massage therapist, my mind was opened to the amazing power of energy and touch.  It was though an imperceptible darkness in my being was illuminated for the first time.  My path and future were clear to me. Hence, I started my journey into the healing world, beginning with massage therapy and Reiki energy work.   


The next big awakening came a year later.  I was unmistakably directed to work with a master, Deb Purple, who would give me one of the greatest lessons of my life.  She taught me that I was responsible for me life and all things in it.  This began my path of self work and the reclaiming of the light within myself.  This would educate and guide my life into working with the power of conscious and unconscious perception and how we are creating our reality and future with every thought and action.  This led me to deepen my education with the powerful modality of ThetaHealing® and Psychosynthesis Coaching.  This work would further my understanding of my life and bring the internal freedom that I had always been seeking.  


I went on to get my masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a bachelors degree in Religious Studies, became a Reiki Grandmaster, a certified ThetaHealing practitioner and teacher, and have been practicing Qi gong and Taiji for over thirteen years. My desire to bring out the best in others, as the idea of synergy is to take what you have and allow it to exponentiate the your own energy to become the most evolved and beautiful being that you truly are!

The art of synergy is literally the art of you being the best version of you.

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