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Own your fear, or it will own you...

On my journey, I've discovered four basic truths for my evolution and personal healing that I have witnessed to be universal for everyone. There may be more, but I find that often the most profound truths are the simplest, and hence, have a wide berth of knowledge.

The first step is a big one, but begins small. It starts with Owning Your Life. Life will always be life. It will always go up and down, but you have a choice of how to move through it.

At one point, I viewed life as an ocean and I was victim of the movement of the waves. How big they were had nothing to do with me. I was at the mercy of the ocean, and whatever it would send at me. I began to perceive every wave as unsurmountable, inescapable, and overwhelming. I would get caught up in everything, afraid to make a move, that i might make a mistake and be caught up in a tidal wave of emotion. Hence, every wave became a tidal wave and I floundered, and would often be drowned by my own waves.

What I failed to understand was that i was creating all of these waves. The size of the waves were directly influenced by my beliefs and perception of them. If I believed them to be so big and overwhelming, then they certainly were! I would run and avoid them rather than face them and then they would always become exactly what I feared they would be.

When I decided to stop giving into my fears and anxieties, and decided to face them instead, things changed! The waves became a lot smaller and I was able to sail right over them. Obviously, some were still worse than others, and some would still take me out. What first started to change was how long it took me to get back up. Not everything was so dire that I couldn't surface more quickly than I did before. Bit by bit, I became less of a victim to my anxieties and to life. I chose to own the fear, rather than it owning me. I began to realize that the fear was my creation, not something just to torment me. It was here to "protect" me, often as a construct of my own ego's creation. We will dive into the ego in another blogg, but truth was clear: The fear was mine. I owned it. So as my child, I did the only thing that I could with it: I embraced and loved it. After I showed it there was nothing useful for it to be or to protect me from, it simply stopped being a thing and returned back into energy.

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